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Setting: Present day

Searched: Yahoo/google for food critics/critiques, read "How to be a Foodie" on,currently reading through the dining&wine section of the NYTimes.

My character is really into food, you could call her a foodie.
I do not know th difference between virgin and extra virgin olive oil let let alone between high/low grade olive oil.

I am not a foodie, so I don't know how to feed her.

My question is how can you tell the difference between high quality olive oil and low quality olive oil? How about high/low quality cheese? What about high/low quality anything else? 

Are there standards for the kind of sugar a foodie would buy? Or eggs?  Or butter? or anything?

I don't know where to buy real butter.

I guessing a foodie wouldn't buy kraft cheddar.

I don't even know what saffron tastes like. I am lost.

Where could I go to find in depth descriptions of food?

Besides freshness, what kind of things do foodies look for in the food they buy?

I'm considering setting my story in NY. Would there be places to go there to buy the kinds of food foodies look for? wholes foods? A farmers market?

Anything you can tell me about foodies, the kind of food they might eat or buy or just anything would be greatly appreciated.



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