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LF stories feat.John and Sam

Hi, someone posted earlier today looking for fics where Sam gets treated unfairly.I was reading through the replies and needless to say most of the fics recced were of John mistreating Sam. I'm sure I've ranted a few times on here about my major dislike of how John treated Sam on the show and how he treats him in many fics(meanly,in some fics with disdain and obviously favoring Dean). This dislike is also the main cause of my dislike for the character of John Winchester.

The problem is I think JDM is HOT so I often find myself really wanting to like the characters he plays and that includes John Winchester. 

So now I'm looking for any fics in which Sam and John work out their problems or even actually get along. Fics in which John is a good father, and John and Sam show some familial affection towards each other. Any fics where Sam or John are not being all ass-holey(yes I know it's not a real word, moving on) to each other, at least not for the entire fic.

No daddy!cest please.

Everything else is welcome including self-pimps.

In short, I want you to make me like John so on your mark, get set, GO


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